It’s simple really. In a normal gym you pay a fee and you go in and use the machines and/or attend classes. You may or may not lose weight and you may or may not gain muscle. 313 is different. We have a person-centred approach in the way we operate our studio. All our members* will have a Personal Training Plan which will detail what it is you would like to achieve, how best to do it and how you are progressing within your targets.

Personal Training is excellent for:

  • Those with busy lifestyles or children
  • Those who lack confidence in visiting gyms or classes
  • People who want that special one to one attention
  • Those requiring sports specific fitness
  • People who would like to improve their exercise style
  • People who need to lose weight in a specific period of time
  • Those seeking to improve their quality of life and to feel more energetic
  • People with health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other debilitating diseases.

At 313 Fitness we aim to be flexible and as accommodating as possible when it comes to your fitness regime. That is why we can offer Personal Training in a style to suit your needs. We offer sessions and appointments around you with as many or as little sessions as you need with no restrictions (daily, weekly, monthly etc.). We offer:

Group Personal Training
You create your group and we will organise and time and personal trainer best matched for your needs!

Corporate Personal Training
Healthy and active staff equals less time off sick! We can organise fitness inspired team building days and sessions planned around your lunch hour.

Individual Personal Training
We work with you to meet your aims and objectives with a comprehensive training plan and lots of support, advice and encouragement along the way.

Personal Training consists of a full consultation where we look in depth at your lifestyle, eating habits and exercise regime. We also conduct a fitness MOT where we take your physical measurements, BMI fat %, blood pressure and calculate your fitness level. You are then presented with a fitness plan that can include as many one-to-one sessions as you require or suggestions for recommended classes.