5k Challenge Tips

Thank you for signing up to 313 5k Challenge. We hope you’re run is fun, fast and stress-free. Here are 10 tips on how to run the 313 5k Challenge…

1. Preparing for the race
No matter what point in time you sign up to the race, we recommend you practise running intervals. For example, start by running 20minutes consisting of repetitions of 1minute running intervals followed by 1.5minutes of walking. Gradually build up your running interval times and total run duration. In race week, decrease your running mileage and include 2 or 3 short snappy pick up segments to get your legs moving faster. Ideally you don’t want to overuse your legs to the lead up. Therefore, take at least one day off for total rest during race week. For a week by week training plan, please email Team 313 at info@313fitness.co.uk

2. Footwear and clothing
Make sure you have the appropriate footwear and clothing ready for the race. This will mean finding out about the weather and the area you will be running in. Race day is not a good day to break into a new pair of trainers.

3. Get a good 2 nights sleep before the race
Pre-race jitters are common for even experienced runners. Prepare yourself, by getting quality sleep two nights before the race and taking that day completely off from any activity.

4. Eat well & Hydrate

On race morning, be sure to eat the breakfast. Aim to eat about 2 hours prior to the race. Keep it simple. A bowl of porridge oats with fruit which is easily digestible is ideal. Don’t forget to hydrate your body well before the race and bring your water or sports drink with you if you can carry it whilst running.

5. Get there early
There’s a lot to be done on race morning including parking. Arrive at least 30minutes before the race.

6. Warm up and stretch
Warming up and stretching (before and after the run) is important in injury prevention.

7. Get in line
The starting line can be nerve-wracking. Starting in the middle to back of the pack is safe for most beginners.

8. Pace yourself
Start conservatively and build your effort throughout the run. Many runners burn out in the first half. We suggest a reversal of this. Make your second half of the race better than the first. When you start out too fast, your body works too hard too soon and fizzles after the first mile, making your overall time slower, not faster. In the last quarter mile, kick it in to the finish line to finish strong.

9. Keep it positive
On the day, let go of making comparisons to others. You’ve done the training and if you have the desire to get to the finish line, you will. At the starting line, relax, breath and assure yourself that you have what it takes. Think back to your best training sessions to find the confidence you need.

10. Sign up to the next 313 Challenge!!!
Capitalise on the exhilarating post-race high and keep your momentum going. Set new goals. Sign up for another 313 challenge to keep yourself motivated to continue with your new habits, to test your progress or just to have fun.

Look out for further 313 Challenges coming soon.