As the name suggests the martial art of Muay (meaning “to bind together”) originates from Thailand and is also referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs.” Unlike other combat sports that use “two points” such as boxing (hands) or “four points”such as kickboxing (hands and feet) Muay Thai uses”eight points”which are kicks,punches,elbows and knee strikes in stand up striking positions as well as various clinching techniques.

It was established in the 16th century but has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent times.Historically Muay Thai has been used in warfare, in sport and in entertainment sports during festivals and at temples.In the 19th century Muay training camps were established were students practiced the martial art for self-defence, exercise, recreation and personal development.Camps became a home were food and shelter was provided and students taking the camp name as their surname.

Muay Thai is considered an excellent striking base within MMA and many notable fighters incorporate Muay Thai into their fighting style within MMA. At 313 anybody can try their hand at Muay Thai. We offer classes concentrating specifically in the art and a mixed MMA class that will incorporate elements of Muay Thai within it.