Almost 100 years old, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an off shoot from the parent art of Judo. Renound for being a self defence system, BJJ is also a combat sport and martial art.

It is based on grappling and ground fighting with the idea that a weaker smaller person can defend and defeat a bigger, stronger person through techniqal holds, locks, chokeholds and ground fighting. 313 Fitness Studio offers gi and no-gi classes.

The major difference between BJJ and other martial arts is the emphasis on ground fighting. Even other grappling martial arts spend a significant time on standing and strike- based phases. For this reason many BJJ practitioners cross-train with other martial arts such as kickboxing, boxing and wrestling which we also offer at 313.

BJJ is suitable for juniors and adults and no specific fitness level is required to participate. Our classes are an hour long and consist of a cardio warm up exercise and cool down stretches.