Almost 100 years old, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an off shoot from the parent art of Judo. Popular for being a self defence system, BJJ is also a combat sport and martial art.

It is based on grappling and the emphasis is on ground fighting. With the idea that a weaker smaller person can defend and defeat a bigger, stronger person through technical holds, locks, chokeholds and ground fighting.

Class Format
Classes are suitable for ages 5-12.No specific fitness level or experience is required to participate. Our classes are an hour long and consist of a cardio warm up exercise. Moving on to technique and grappling. Ending with cool down stretches. Due to health and safety parents are not allowed to remain on the premises, once a session has started.

Your Equipment
Your child will be provided with a gi on signing up. This needs to be worn at each session Changing and shower facilities (with cubicles) are available if required. It is important to stay hydrated. We advise you to bring a bottle of water alternatively you can purchase water at 313Fitness for 50p.