The 313 Challenge is a way of motivating men, women and children to get fit and have fun. Every 313 challenge is different and for every challenge there is an associated charitable cause. It could be a local community project or a large-scale international aid program. Whatever it is, all the fund-raising will always go to a well worthy and needy cause.

313 Challenges welcomes all levels and abilities. If you are a complete novice maybe you would be more comfortable starting with one of our short distance runs. Or maybe you already attend our 313Fitness Bootcamps and now you want to put your stamina and strength to test with an obstacle or assault course. We understand that not everyone who participates in a challenge will continue to do so. But we know that many of you are with us for the long haul. Those are the ones who will get not only a sense of accomplishment for their work in charity. But also that feeling of self-development in fitness and strength. Becoming a better version of themselves each time.

Whichever one of our challenges you decide to embark upon. There’s nothing like a real-life deadline to motivate you to lace up those trainers and get moving. We know that once you have conquered your first 313 Challenge, you will only leave looking forward to the next one.